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Women's Health

Pregnant? Looking for a new gynecologist? Our doctors offer quality and accessible care for all of your health needs. They are dedicated to providing around-the-clock coverage for complete obstetrical and gynecological services.

Anita Eades, N.P.
Anita Eades, N.P.
David Rainey, M.D.
David Rainey, M.D.
Debra Crowder
Debra Crowder, C.N.M.
Gina Jereza-Harris
Gina Jereza-Harris, M.D.
Jodie Posey-Bucks
Jodie Posey-Bucks, M.D.
Juddson Lindley
Juddson Lindley, M.D.
Kim Weatherly
Kim Weatherly, N.P.
Marcia Khalil
Marcia Khalil, M.D.
Norman Siegel
Norman Siegel, M.D.
Rae Bailey
Rae Bailey, D.O.
Ramona Poticher
Ramona Poticher, C.N.M.
Roy Wolfe
Roy Wolfe, M.D.
Tina Bias
Tina Bias, C.N.M.
Todd Resley
Todd Resley, M.D.
Zion Wolfe
Zion Wolfe, C.N.M.
Associates in Ob/Gyn
Associates in Ob/Gyn
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