Healthcare Providers

Our health care providers are the cornerstone of a robust and effective healthcare system. They are dedicated professionals who prioritize the well-being and recovery of their patients above all else. These providers possess a diverse set of skills, from medical knowledge and technical expertise to compassion and excellent communication.

Family Practice

Dr. Michael Antolini, DO

Dr. Kimberly Ballard, DO

Dr. Jamie Blankenship, DO

Dr. Julie Brehm, DO

Dr. Madison Chase-McCreary, DO

Dr. Amy Dowdy, DO

Dr. Michael Gray, DO

Dr. Zachary Halsey, DO

Meghann Long, FNP

Dr. Scott Lostetter, DO

Dr. Lanny Meadows, MD

Dr. Richard Meadows, DO

Dr. Richard Meadows Jr, DO

Dr. Kyle Muscari, DO

Dr. Ryan Newell, DO

Dr. Angela Pendleton, DO

Angela Presley, FNP

Dr. Jessica Swank, MD

Erica Tuck, FNP

Dr. Johnny Walker, MD

Dr. Caleb Workman, DO

Mylena Yee, DMSc, MS, PA-C

Women’s Health

Dr. Rae Bailey, DO, FACOG

Tina Bias, CNM

Debra Crowder, CNM

Melissa Davis, NP

Anita Eades, NP

Dr. Gina Jereza-Harris, MD, FACOG

Sarah Highlander, CNM

Dr. Marcia Khalil, MD, FACOG

Dr. Juddson Lindley, MD, FACOG

Ramona Poticher, CNM

Dr. David Rainey, MD, FACOG

Dr. Todd Resley, MD, FACOG

Dr. Norman Siegel, MD, FACOG

Kim Weatherly, NP

Zion Wolfe, CNM

Courtney Woods, FNP-BC

Behavioral Health

Heather Booth, LSW

John Bowyer, MA

Kristen Carper, FNP

Melissa Clary, PA

Dr. Omar Hasan, MD

Michael Johnson, LISW

Amy Simmons, LISW

Amy Termeer, LISW

Barbara Thomas, LSW

Dr. Brandon Workman, DO


Dr. Kim Bennett, DO

Dr. Stacey Dickenson, MD

April Lilly, NP

Dr. Erica Tuckwiller, DO

Adult Medicine

Dr. Billy Cole, DO

Dr. Suraya Hasan, MD

Dr. Elyjean Salon, MD

Dr. Irene Wasylyk, MD


Chris Higgonbothom, RPh

David Kendrick, RPh

Jacob Lilly, PharmD

Paige Miller, PharmD

Jennifer Smith, M-RPh

Danny Swank, PharmD

Donald Thomas, RPh


Allie Caudill, DO

Kayla Laws, DO

Christopher Murphy, MD

Nathaniel Vangrouw, DO

Elizabeth Baker, DO

Christopher Marlowe, DO

Kaustav Mukherjee, MD

Jacob Redden, DO

Allie Arthur, DO

Drew Humphrey, MD

Caden Minnix, DO

Tylor Tabit, DO

Sliding Fee Program

AccessHealth offers a sliding fee scale program for those who are uninsured or under-insured. This fee scale allows you and your family to pay a reduced fee for covered services at AccessHealth. Program eligibility is based on your family size and income. ​In order to qualify for our sliding fee scale, you will need to complete a sliding fee application and provide proof of income. Applications can be obtained from clinic reception staff or you can call our patient benefits department at 304-252-8324 ext.1153.

Careers @ AccessHealth

We are excited to have you here as you take the first step towards joining our team. We value your time and effort, and we are committed to ensuring that your application receives the attention it deserves. Thank you for considering us as your potential employer, and we look forward to reviewing your application!