Hint #13

Chilson’s Plight, Black as Knight, but do not enter and you might find what you seek. Do we need to plant concrete evidence in this clue? Follow the dots and it will lead you to the pot…that holds your gold.

Hint #12

How’s your love game? Are you courting? Have you set a match? Venus is the greatest of all. We hope you’re having a ball! Are you able to crack it? Is this causing a racquet?

Hint #11

We hope these clues are meeting your needs. Don’t forget while you’re looking, no trespassing and stay off the greens.

Hint #10

Do you know about my legacy? A quick read or three can get you closer to the egg you seek.

Hint #9

Not the county or the river but at one end there’s a pizza to deliver. On the other end, your choice is up or down but please don’t frown. Neither end is where I’ll be seen because my location is somewhere in between.