AccessHealth Pharmacy

AccessHealth is aware that people in greatest need cannot consistently access affordable medications. Those who are low income, uninsured, and/or have chronic conditions are most severely impacted by lack of access to affordable medications.

By maintaining full-service pharmacies, AccessHealth can make life-saving medications available to low-income patients at reduced fees. We also participate in the 340b discounted drug program and other programs that provide free medications to eligible users.

A pharmacist is always available to answer questions about your medications. He or she will work closely with your physician to provide you with the best care possible.

Patient In Need Program

America’s best kept secret is that people who can’t afford their prescription medications can sometimes get them free, direct from pharmaceutical sponsored programs. Although free medicine programs have been around for over 50 years, most people have never heard about them, and do not know how to apply for FREE medicine. AccessHealth Pharmacy has helped countless families across West Virginia completely eliminate or substantially reduce their prescription drug bills.

Upon approval, brand-name free medicines are either dispensed from available pharmacy stock instantly, arrive in two to three weeks from the manufacturer, or a coupon is given to take to AccessHealth pharmacy. Typically these prescriptions are in a 90-day supply. These programs can provide an ongoing lifetime supply of free medication.